PHI401 Seminar for PHI majors (Spring 2020)

Course documents

PHI401 Syllabus (Spring 2020).pdf

PHI401 AcademicIntegrity.pdf


Mill (1843) Of names-2pp.pdf

Frege (1948_1892) Sense and reference.pdf

Russell (1905) On denoting.pdf

Salmon (2005) Reference and Essence-CH1-The theory of singular Direct Reference.pdf

Class notes

1 Introduction.pdf  [handed out in class]

2 Mill on names.pdf

3 Frege on sense and reference.pdf

4 Russell on descriptions.pdf

5 Contexts and circumstances.pdf

6 Salmon on DR.pdf

Course requirements

Assignment1 - Todo list.pdf  [handed out in class]

Assignment2 - Mill on names.pdf

Assignment3 - Frege.pdf

Comments on Assign1-3.pdf

Assignment4 - Russell.pdf

Assignment5 - Salmon.pdf

Assignment6 - Kripke N&N 1.pdf

Assignment7 - Kripke N&N 2.pdf

Assignment8 - Kripke N&N 3.pdf

Assignment9 - Kripke N&N 4.pdf

Assignment10 - Kripke N&N 5.pdf

Optional readings

Burge (1979) Sinning against Frege.pdf

Taschek (1992) Frege's puzzle, sense, info content.pdf

Sosa (2001) Kripke.pdf

March 20 - Final announcement

This course has now been transitioned to Blackboard. This website will no longer be used or maintained.